19 January 2018, Friday, 8:55

Granit: dismissals of activists continue


The pressure on the members of the independent trade union of the Granit enterprise in Mikashevichy continue.

This time the administration of the enterprise is looking for reasons to fire the treasurer of the independent trade union Anatol Litsvinka, the chairman of the independent trade union at the Granit enterprise Aleg Stakhaevich tells, he was fired earlier.

“There are four orders written on him for violating the job safety. Of course the violations are alleged. Anatol has several floors of equipment which he needs to look for and guard. After he check the first floor, he proceeds to the next ones and someone would dismantle something at the first one. It is a moral pressure which is aimed at the trade union activist to quit himself, that is why every his day starts with writing explanation letter about something he has nothing to do with”.

According to Aleg Stakhaevich, it is not only the trade union’s treasurer who has problems at work, but also another participant of it – Leanid Dubanosau. The head of the open pit where Leanid works face him with the choice: either to take the papers on payments to the independent trade union from the accounts department, or to be fired, Euroradio reports.

According to Aleg Stakhaevich, whereas at the beginning of 2012 there were around 300 people in the trade union, then today there are only few of them left because of the persecution and dismissals of the activists. However, a human rights activist and a layer of the independent trade union of the radioelectronic industry workers Uladzimir Malei believes that it is necessary to keep working even in such tough conditions:

“I believe, the main goal is to keep the people, to help them. When I met the activists of the independent trade union, I like those people. They are young, thinking, encouraged with the efforts to improve their working conditions, to achieve salary increases. Of course, the administration of the enterprise immediately took measures to strangle it”.

As the Granit trade union’s leader Aleg Stakhaevich noted, the people in Mikashevicy are interested in what happens at the enterprise. When an independent newspaper Inform-progulka wrote about the activities of Granit’s workers, the circulation of this local media increased several times.