18 January 2018, Thursday, 20:27

Marek Bucko: Lukashenka provides loutish and aggressive anti-western rhetoric


The Belarusian ruler tries to distract attention from the country's economic problems.

Marek Bucko, a deputy head of the Freedom and Democracy foundation (Poland) and former first secretary of the Polish Embassy in Minsk, spoke to charter97.org about Lukashenka's insulting remarks about Poland.

“Lukashenka continues his loutish and aggressive rhetoric towards the West. There's nothing new. We've got used to it. As for the military exercises, we've spoken many times that unlike the Belarusian-Russian drills, NATO exercises are defencive. But the main principle of Zapad 2013 maneuvers is an attack,” the politician noted.

Marek Bucko added that taking into account the peculiarities of such Belarusian-Russian exercises, they would never be transparent.

“It's clear that when the economic situation in Belarus is worsening (and the country is now expecting the Belarusian ruble devaluation), Lukashenka tries to distract attention and provides this aggressive rhetoric mainly towards Poland and NATO. This is his main principle. So I am not surprised,” the politician said.

We remind that the Belarusian ruler said today at a press conference for the Russian media that he didn't worry about NATO exercises near the Belarusian border.

“We will speak about it many times. We won't shout and cry. Maybe our minister will say something in a human way.

Why should we shout? They put all their forces and resources on alarm. We were not going to launch ballistic missiles. Why this control? Why were the Poles screaming so much? The Poles are itching to return American air defence systems,” he noted.