17 January 2018, Wednesday, 17:35

Lukashenka make trap for Russian companies


Rosneft and Gazprom risk to lose their investments in Belarus.

The statement of the Belarusian authorities on a desire to sell the Mozyr oil refinery is nothing more than a trap for companies that might be interested in the proposal, Neft Rossii website writes.

“Belarus plans to sell a 55.01% state stake in the Mozyr refinery. It's a swindle. Lukashenka will never sell the plant. It brings profit – 67.6m dollars with the revenues of 831m dollars for the first quarter of 2013. Why give oil companies the run-around? It's unclear. Rosneft and Gazprom Neft showed their interest, which was a hasty decision without estimating consequences. If you know Lukashenka's character, you know that you can fell out of favour, lose your investments, reputation and faith (even without regards to the Uralkali case),” the website writes.

There's a list of Belarus's requirements that, as analysts think, make one become concerned. They include:

– working at full capacity for five years,

– meet the requirements of the country's domestic market in the amount agreed on with Belneftekhim monthly for the same period of time,

– fully implement the investment projects of the refinery development for 2011-2015 with prospects for up to 2020,

– keep the number of employees on the level of at least 4,613 people and keep salaries on the sector's average level.

“Failure to fulfill any of these requirements is the easiest thing. Belarus's initiative looks more like a trap than an intention to sell the refinery,” analysts suppose.

We remind that the State Property Committee announced sales of the country's biggest enterprises on October 10. The list was published on the Committee's website.

It is planned that shares of over 80 state-owned enterprises and several property complexes will be put out for auction and competition. The statement emphasises that the decision was made by Lukashenka.

The list include companies of Belneftekhim, Bellesbumprom and Belgospishcheprom groups as well as companies of the Ministry of Construction and Architecture, the Ministry of Industry, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Energy. The state is ready to sell its stake in most of the companies. The largest enterprise offered for sale is the Mozyr oil refinery.