21 January 2018, Sunday, 5:50

Yarmoshina departed to Seoul

Lidia Yarmoshina attending inaugural assembly for A-WEB in Seoul.

At the invitation of Chairman of the National Electoral Commission of the Republic of Korea Lee In-Bok, the Chairwoman of the Central Election Commission (CEC) of the Republic of Belarus Lidia Yarmoshina is attending the inaugural assembly for the Association of World Electoral Management Bodies (A-WEB), reads the CEC website.

Besides, Lidia Yarmoshina will take part in the 6th conference of the Global Elections Organization (GEO), which will be held in Seoul from 15 to 17 October. According to CEC Secretary Nikolai Lozovik, the main issue will be the regulations, goals and objectives of the organization, the terms of membership.

“We are members of the Association of European Election Officials (ACEEEO). We meet with colleagues within the framework of this organization. But, unfortunately, the CEC members are the persons who are banned entry to the EU, so sometimes we are unable to take part in some of the activities of this organization,” Nikolai Lozovik.

Nikolai Lozovik expressed confidence that membership in the Association of World Electoral Management Bodies will provide wider and more diverse contacts. "Contacts will be broader than within the framework of the European Association, and any cooperation and exchange of experience contribute to the improvement of legislation and law enforcement practices," he said.