20 January 2018, Saturday, 20:11

Belarus names singer for Junior Eurovision 2013

The Belarusian TV and Radio Company has made their choice for the 2013 Juniour Eurovision Song Contest and picked their singer for Kiev.

It will be Ilya Volkov who will sing the song "Sing with Me". These are the results of the national final for the Junior Eurovision held on 4 October.

Ilya is 11 years old. He was born and lives in Minsk. He has been taking singing classes since the age of six. He attends the Golden Voices studio run by the Belarusy art group. Ilya has participated in the children’s and youth art open contest "New Movement" (1 place), Cup of Europe contest (2), Junior New Wave (semifinal). By the way, Ilya has already participated in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. In 2012, he was part of the dance routine for Egor Zheshko’s song.

The national final featured 10 young talents. The winner was selected by a 50%-50% split of jury and telephone votingю

Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2013 will take place in Kiev on 30 November. Belarus, Russia, Sweden, Georgia, Ukraine, Armenia, and the Netherlands have confirmed their participation in the contest so far. Malta and Macedonia have declared their intent to return to the contest. Belgium and Albania, on the other hand, gave up on the competition.

Belarus has participated in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest since its inception in 2003. Belarus has won Juniour Eurovision twice: Ksenia Sitnik was victorious in 2005 and Alexei Zhigalkovich in 2007.