17 January 2018, Wednesday, 20:53

Chairwoman of election commission “disappeared” in Viciebsk

Viciebsk’s prosecutor cannot find the chairwoman of one of the city’s precinct election commissions Nina Shubina.

The charter97.org learnt about that from a human rights activist Paviel Levinau.

According to his, competent authorities for two years have been carrying out inspections as for the continuous chairwoman of a precinct election commission Nina Shubina, who is the deputy director general for personnel and ideology of Moloko public corporation.

The human rights activist established her guilty of the actions, which provide for the responsibility in accordance with part 2 of the article 380 and the article 192 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus. Precisely – composing deliberately false commission’s protocol, according to which she authorized herself as the chairwoman, and misrepresenting the vote results at the polling station.

Viciebsk’s prosecutor demanded to question Nina Shubina again on her actions. The demand left unmet, since she had allegedly disappeared.

A personnel specialist of Moloko public corporation Hanna Sakalova said that Nina Shubina had gone on vacation, which was supposed to have ended on 26 September 2013, but she still did not arrive to work and did not answer the phone. She cannot be found at home either.

Aleh Zhukau, Nina Shubina’s neighbor, said that for last time he had seen her had been about two months ago.

Paviel Levinau informed the police department of the Viciebsk region executive committee and the chairwoman of the Central Electoral Commission Lidzija Jarmoshyna.