18 January 2018, Thursday, 4:51

Statistics Committee looking for social parasites


The authorities show interest in officially unemployed Belarusians.

It follows from a document that some Minsk residents found in their mailboxes.

“The National Statistics Committee of the Republic of Belarus carries out a household sample survey to study employment problems with the aim of collecting objective information on employment and unemployment in the country.

People answer questions depending on their age and social status. Employed people answer questions about their job and work activities. Unemployed people – pensioners, housewives, students and other categories – say why they don't work and give information about their previous work experience (if any),” the document says.

The Statistics Committee will collect information by interviewing Minsk residents. The document obtained by charter97.org says the interviewer will visit the respondent in a period from November 19 to November 23. Particular questions of the survey are not known.

The document is signed by head of the National Statistics Committee Uladzimir Zinouski.

We remind that the “house of representatives” said some days ago that a draft decision was prepared to collect fees from the unemployed citizens who don't contribute to the state budget by paying taxes but use social services.

Last December, deputy prime minister Anatoly Tozik proposed to take measures against officially unemployed people.

“We have about 400,000 people who don't work or practically don't work avoiding taxes and thus sponging on the state's social policy,” the deputy PM said.

It's worth noting that many Belarusians, mostly construction workers, don't work officially or go abroad for seasonal works due to low salaries in the country.