17 January 2018, Wednesday, 12:03

Lukashenka must pay taxes for his Maybach

A blogger Yauheni Lipkovich has found out that Lukashenka was obliged to pay taxes for the Maybach that he received as a present.

The blogger wrote about that on his Facebook page:

- Since everyone already knows that there was no answer to my question “Should I declare a Maybach, given to me as a gift?”, that I asked at BelTA’s direct line on the issues of taxations for natural persons, I called the hotline of the Ministry of Taxation (+375172297979) and asked what I should do.

And the hotline of the Ministry has burnt me:

1. If it was a natural person, he presented you the Maybach last year (2012), than you must pay 12% of the income tax if the value of the gift exceeds 26 500 000, whoever you give the car afterwards.  It could be anyone, including the garage of the president’s executive office. The gift must be declared.

2. If it was a legal person, who presented you the Maybach, than the tax of 12% must be paid as calculated of the whole value of the gift. And it does not matter again whether you presented it to someone else or not.

Let’s assume that a Maybach costs 300 000 euro (which is a very-very good price). Accordingly, the debt of the present holder before pensioners, military men, teachers and doctors in about 25 000 euro. Considering that the salary of the present holder is around 3 000 dollars, which is confirmed by his declaration, presented during the latest elections, this amount may be paid in parts or be accepted as a gift from children (which is even more laughable).

Unfortunately, the easy calculations show that the poet Pubinau is totally right and the practice of officials declaring their incomes is indeed populism.