17 January 2018, Wednesday, 0:27

Novaya Gazeta about torture in Belarus


Novaya Gazeta (Russia) has published an article by charter97.org editor-in-chief Natallia Radzina “Torture in Stasi and KGB”.

The newspaper published it under the title “Not worse than in Gestapo”.

The article compares torture of women in prisons of the German and Belarusian secret services on the example of German TV presenter Edda Schönherz, who was in the Stasi prison in 1974-1977 and personal experience of Natallia Radzina who was arrested after a peaceful demonstration on December 19, 2010, and thrown into KGB jail.

It appears that torture methods used by the German  Ministry for State Security 40 years ago and the Belarusian State Security Committee today are the same.