22 January 2018, Monday, 21:21

Lukashenka’s officials: entirely pseudo-academics and fake professors


Belarusian officials stand out for their unhealthy passion for fake academic degrees.

These people are not shy about their pseudo-scientific degrees and openly list them in their biographies on the official web-sites of the state agencies that they head, a blogger d-zholik writes.

A former Minister of Justice Viktar Halavanau is listed first.

This high Belarusian official of justice was not shy to publicly display the information that he is:

- a full member (academic) of the International Academy of Managerial Sciences;

- a full member (academic) of the International Academy of Informational Technologies;

- a PhD in the sphere of Informational Technologies (law).

Actually the listed academies never had anything to do with scientific organizations, but were just public associations, established by a bunch of people in order to provide themselves and their acquaintances with high pseudo-scientific regalia, allowing them to be called “academics”, “professors” and “doctors” of all the possible sciences.

There is another similar state pseudo-great layer – the chairman of the Supreme Commercial Court of Belarus Viktar Kamiankou.

Viktar Kamiankou is also a pseudo-academic of two International fake academies of managerial sciences and informational technologies. And he was even awarded a medal by the same Minsk queer sort of office for “For high achievements in science”.

Another formerly high lawyer and close associate of Aliaksandr Lukashenka Mikalai Charhinec. A lieutenant-general, formerly a head of the criminal investigation department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarusian Soviet Socialist Republic, head of the department of internal affairs for transport of the MIA of BSSR and the Republic of Belarus.

This case is very special:

- a professor, grand-doctor of philosophy and law of the UN’s Global Dispersed University;

- an academic of the International Academy of Managerial Sciences;

- an academic of the International Academy of Informational Resources and Technologies;

- an academic, vice-president of the International Academy of the Peoples of the World;

- an academic of the Academy of Security Issues, Defense and Public Order of the Russian Federation.

Moreover, he was the vice-president of the latter and the president of its Belarusian affiliate. The blogger turns attention that the position was called exactly the “president”.

It is demonstrative that ten years ago the Ministry of Justice sent around a prescription for non-state organizations, which had “president” and the name of the top-managerial position: all the organizations had to change the name of the organization’s head to “director general”, “director”. “head”, “chairman” and others, introducing the respective changes into the statues.

At the same time a decree by the Council of Ministers changed the name of the positions of the heads of state corporations and their deputies from president and vice-president to chairman, director general and deputy chairman, deputy director general.

The forth “prominent lawyer” is the fake professor Viktar Sheiman, who was formerly the Minister of Interior and Prosecutor General of Belarus.

Viktar Sheiman’s circle introduces him no less as a professor in legal sciences.

What is interesting is that the fake academics Charhinec and professor Sheiman apart from being the members of the Academy of Security Issues, Defense and Public Order of the Russian Federation, which was recognized as fraudulent by the Prosecutor General’s office and the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation, are also united by their involvement in another “crime of the century” – presidential elections in Belarus.