22 January 2018, Monday, 9:03

Strike in trade center Secret in Homiel

400 entrepreneurs stopped working protesting against a sharp increase of the rent.

The strike at the trade center Secret in Homiel will last for a day, Radio Svaboda reports.

Last autumn the entrepreneurs managed to fight the rent increase. Today’s strike is a consequence of another conflict. The owners of the trading center in Haharyna street in Homiel raised the rent 1.5-2 times. A square meter of the trading area not costs 115 euro a month.

This questions the effectiveness of the work of the traders and threatens the business of 400 individual entrepreneurs, who work in the trading center. They say that they agree on a 5% a year rent increase but not double. Some even consider that they will have to close their sales outlets not for a day but for good.

An official from the department if economy of Homiel region’s executive committee Yury Osipau came to the trading center and stated that the owners of the trading center secret are private companies which the authorities cannot influence.