26 September 2017, Tuesday, 21:00

Belarusian ice hockey players will not go to Sochi Olympics?


The Belarusian national ice hockey team was defeated 4-2 by  Slovenia in the qualifier for Sochi 2014.

Belarusians Alexander Kulakov and Andrei Stepanov scored goals on the 29th and 30th minute respectively. Belarusian players were losing 0-2, but managed to level the score. They, however, were unable to show something more and conceded two goals in the third period. Slovenia scored the winning goal as a result of a penalty shot for Belarusian goalkeeper Vitaly Koval's foul, Interfax news agency reports.

Denmark and Ukraine play today in the Olympic qualification tournament. Belarus will face these teams on Friday and Sunday. Only one of four teams will go to the Olympic Games in Sochi.