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Mazepin still may become vice-Prime Minister of Belarus?

Mazepin still may become vice-Prime Minister of Belarus?

A member of Russian Stated Duma Ilia Ponomarev addressed Lukashenka with an official request.

The reason for it is the possible appointment of a Russian businessman Dmitry Mazepin a deputy chairman of the government of Belarus, Novyi Region reports. The parliament member’s attention was caught by the information that Mazepin is the organizer of the loan of $3 billion, which Belarus’ government allegedly plans to receive from Russia’s Sberbank.

The reason for the State Duma member’s address were the publications in the media of three countries – Belarus, Russia and Ukraine at the beginning of February 2013 stating that a Russian businessman Dmitry Mazepin will be Belarus’ vice-Prime Minister on energy issues. According to these data, Mazepin and a holding company Uralkhim controlled by him were organizing a long-term beneficial loan for Belarus in the amount of $3 billion.

The alleged lender was Russian Sberbank and the guarantor of the payback of the long-term preferential credit was Belgian financial company Fortis, which is considered to be connected with another well-known Russian businessman and politician, a member of the Council of the Federation of Russia from Dagestan Suleiman Kerimov. Lukashenka’s administration and the government of Belarus could then neither officially confirm nor disclaim this information.

As far as it can be told from the text of the request, MP Ponomarev is negative about such a possible personnel decision of the Belarusian ruler.

“Considering my well-known to you sincere and coherent position for the integration of the post-Soviet territories and the creation of a union state to serve the interest of the majority of the population of our countries, I will allow myself to address several questions to you. In this specific case it is the matter of the citizens of the Russian Federation, whose reputation bears a shadow of scandalousness, and also of Russian legal persons, potentially involved in a large joint financial and economic project with the Republic of Belarus”, - the request of the Russian parliamentarian says.

In particular, Ilia Ponomarev addressed the following questions to Lukashenka. Is it true that the appointment of Mazepin a vice-Prime Minister of Belarus is a condition of the issue of a long-term preferential loan of $3 billion, provided by Sberbank of the Russian Federation to the Republic of Belarus?

Is this issue agreed directly with the management of Russia’s Sberbank, and also, considering the status of this financial institution and its factual role in the Russian economy, the management of Russia’s Central Bank and the government?

To what extend do the state interests of Russia and Belarus, and also the Union State, correspond to the private interests of Mazepin and his partners?

Is the leadership of the Republic of Belarus aware of the results of his work as the president of the petrochemical company Sibur (2002-2003) and the results of the activities of the Uralkhim’s group on the factual management of a mineral fertilizers plant in Voskresensk?

To what extent are the leaks of information true that in the case and after the appointment of Mazepin a high-rank official in the Republic of Belarus he and his partners headed by Kerimov will acquire a priority access to the privatization of the petrochemical complex of the Republic of Belarus?

To what extend in this case are the interests of Gazprom considered and those of some other Russian corporations with a state share, which have been strategic partners of the Republic of Belarus in the sphere of energy and energy resources shipments for many years?

It was of the parliamentarian’s separate interest that Mazepin acquired a Belarusian citizenship in the framework of a special procedure for special service to this country. In Ponomarev’s opinion, the nature and essence of this “special service” is unclear.

“I am convinced, that the possibility to publish your responses to the questions will only strengthen the substantial unity and the atmosphere of the mutual trust in the framework of the Union State of Russia and Belarus”, - Ponomarev concluded his request to the Belarusian ruler.

Nothing has yet been reported in the reaction of official Minsk to the request of the Russian parliament member.

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