24 January 2018, Wednesday, 0:56

Medicine student’s video appeal: I do not want to have contacts with KGB


A student of Viciebsk State Medicine University Hanna Babkova has refused to cooperate with KGB.

She told about that in a video appeal which she has posted on the internet.

A KGB agent came to the girl’s university and tried to recruit her. She was suggested to blow the whistle on a person, who, in KGB’s opinion, has something to do with an explosion in Viciebsk. It is the matter of the explosion near the KGB building in Viciebsk on 11 November last year. No one suffered then. A 42-year old woman, the resident of Viciebsk, is being accused of the crime.

“I know that your web-site is visited by a large number of people daily. I hope after the video appears in your web-site, KGB will leave me alone and I will able to continue studying at my university. I am very afraid that I may be used in future for reporting on innocent people, so I will be very grateful for help”, - Anna wrote to charter97.org ‘s editorial office.