20 January 2018, Saturday, 12:21

Russian journalists say rudely about Belarusian minister of culture

Journalists of the Russian media were indignant over Barys Sviatlou's speech in Belarusian.

The incident happened at today's press conference over the opening of the festival Slavonic Bazaar in Vitebsk. The minister of culture addressed the audience in Belarusian.

“The Slavonic Bazaar festival has evolved into a global brand that draws thousands of artists, fans, and tourists from around the world, journalists and all those who are interested in music,” Barys Sviatlou said. He noted that over the past years the music forum in Vitebsk has welcomed dozens of thousands of best representatives of various countries, while the festival has turned into an undisputable symbol of the unity of Slavonic and other cultures based on humanistic ideas of peace, kindness and creation,” BelTA news agency reports.

Angry remarks were heard from the first rows just after the minister's speech, Nasha Niva writes.

“Now translate what you said,” a journalist demanded.

“Don't forget about us, first of all,” another journalist added.

Barys Sviatlou tried to smother the incident and continued in Russian. He spoke Russian when answering questions of journalists at the press conference.

The Slavonic Bazaar festival changed its format this year. Organisers cancelled a number of events and reduced the duration of the festival.