16 January 2018, Tuesday, 22:26

The head of the Belarusian organization in Latvia was a KGB agent


Belarusian deputy from Daugavpils involved in a scandal in Latvia.

He turned out to be the former KGB officer.

The Latvian secret service "Constitution Defense Bureau" has learnt that the newly elected Member of Daugavpils Council Barys Ivanou used to be a KGB officer.

On June 29, the Party of Reforms and Our Party filed an application asking to start a criminal case with regard to the violation of the electoral legislation in Daugavpils. The document claims that Member of the Daugavpils Council Barys Ivanou hid the fact that he was fully employed by the Soviet KGB and was a captain there, from the Central Election Commission.

According to the Latvian legislation, only those KGB members who were not officially employed can be elected to the municipal authorities.

Barys Ivanou has headed the city Center of Belarusian Culture and the cultural association of the Belarusians of Daugavpils "Rise". Barys Ivanou considers this situation as a political pressure.