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Father of beaten Natallia Sheleh attacked

Father of beaten Natallia Sheleh attacked

Viachaslau Sheleh was beaten near the building of the Babruisk police department.

The businessman and member of the organising committee to found the Belarusian Democracy party came to take home her wife, Maria Sheleh, who was summoned for questioning in connection with kidnapping and beating of her daughter Natallia. The businessman's wife was summoned to the office of the Investigation Committee that investigates the scandalous case. The office is located in the building of the Babruisk police department, Radio Svaboda reports.

Maria Sheleh has a physical disability and walks with difficulty, so her husband drove to take her home and parked near the building in the parking lot for police cars. The incident happened there.

“An unknown man wearing shorts and a t-shirt attacked me. He began to hit my car's windows. He then attacked me after I got out of the car. He grabbed my clothes and tried to twist my arms. I have injuries and bruises on my arms. I am going to the medical centre now to record my injuries. He was calling other policemen to pull me inside the building. He shouted he was a policeman and then disappeared in the police department. The police did nothing. Later road police officers arrived and gave me a ticket. Yes, I really violated the traffic rules, but I just wanted to take my disabled wife,” Viachaslau Sheleh said.

An officer on duty at the Babruisk police department refused to talk to a journalist on the phone.

Dzmitry Rastayeu, a journalist from Babruisk, arrived at the scene of the incident. He confirms Viachaslau Sheleh has traces of beating on his arms.

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