14 April 2021, Wednesday, 5:07
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American rapper Snoop Dogg: I love Belarus


The world famous rapper has dedicated his clothes collection to Belarus.

Today going back to one's Belarusian roots is gaining popularity. It is becoming really trendy to wear T-shirts with ancient folk patterns, to speak Belarusian.

Even the high society in this or that way started to speak about our national identity which should be developed. Notably, the fashion for the "Belarusianness" exists outside our country as well, “Nasha Niva” writes.

For reasons best known to the internationally acclaimed singer Snoop Dogg, Belarusian national patterns and colours have found their way into the collection of the rapper, who has placed several items from SNOOP LOVES BELARUS collection on his Instagram page. The goods with Belarusian patterns include T-shirts, backpacks, cell phone and cases for phones and tablet PCs. For example, a T-shirt costs $28.

Snoop Dogg is not only a rap singer, but a gifted businessman. He has quite a few business projects, including production of his personal clothing line.

How knows, maybe his example could inspire other stars (even Belarusian ones) to use something specifically Belarusian in their collections.