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Rumours in Bryansk about invasion of Russian troops in Ukraine

Rumours in Bryansk about invasion of Russian troops in Ukraine

Trains going to Ukraine through Bryansk will be cancelled from December 14.

The Russian Monitor website learnt it from a reader.

“We received a letter from Marina Nikolayevna from Bryansk. We cannot that the information is true, but we think we should publish it,” the website writes.

Journalists quote the letter.

“Very interesting things happened: all trains going to Ukraine via Bryansk will be cancelled from December 14,” the reader writes. "A wave of Ukraine-phobia can be noticed in the city. For example, Chernigov Hotel, the oldest one in the city, was renamed as Central.

Governor is reported by the press to fear provocations organized by Ukrainian terrorists. The media stir up a sort of patriotic psychosis. Bad rumours are circulating that a provocation, almost an invasion, can be expected on the border in the nearest days.

People say everywhere they are ready for guerilla warfare. It seems new, because people haven’t been enthusiastic about “patriotism” in the last few months and got tired of refugees.

The sixth Ruslan aircraft flew to Seshcha, the biggest aerodrome in European Russia. I am frightened. Bryansk is only 200 kilometres from Chernihiv.”

Charter97.org reported yesterday that “green men” were noticed in Homel. Soldiers in unmarked uniform claim they are Russian soldiers from Bryansk who arrived for rotation and training. They say “war will begin soon”.

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