20 January 2018, Saturday, 18:30

Lukashenka: If I steal there will be Maidan


The ruler started speaking about Ukrainian events more often.

As he was laying flowers to the monument in Victory Square in Minsk, Lukashenka told of the reasons for Maidan, Nasha Niva reports.

“God willing, we somehow advance, and the economy develops… If there is money, we will not steal it. This is what you cannot reproach me with. This is the most important this for a Maidan not to happen.

If I start stealing, and those, who are around me, - put it in the pockets, a Maidan is inevitable. And no one will save any authorities”, - the Belarusian ruler claimed.

We would remind that on Saturday Ukraine’s Supreme Council adopted a resolution that ousted Viktor Yanukovych as the coutnry’s president and set pre-term presidential elections on 25 May 2014. In response he claimed that he was remaining a legitimately elected head of state and was not going to resign. He called all the events a coup d'etat.

Ukraine’s State Border Control Service reported that he, like many other officials, attempted to leave the country’s territory. Yesterday information emerged that the former president was hiding in Crimea.