28 January 2020, Tuesday, 17:16
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Boris Nemtsov: Putin gives away Russia to China

Boris Nemtsov: Putin gives away Russia to China

A well-known Russian politician sums up of Crimea occupation campaign.

Boris Nemtsov shares his thoughts in his facebook account.

“Let’s be objective,” he says, ”and not excessively emotional. Putin has won tactically. What his main objective was? Was it to defend Russians in Crimea? Certainly not. No one interfered them there. Was it to defend the Black Sea Fleet? Of course no. no one threatened it, and the rent agreement was valid till 2042. Was it to prevent Ukraine from joining the NATO? But now the chances of joining the NATO have increased. The main objective for Putin was to augment his power. And it has been achieved. The president’s rating has exceeded 80%. The opposition is in the doghouse due to crackdown and isolation. Censorship is dominating not only over TV, but Internet as well. The Duma votes unanimously, governors are domesticated, though regions are in misery. Are you talking about elections? What are you talking about? Corruption, under the table payments and partitioning have been forgotten. Now Putin’s nephew is busy with that”.

However, as Boris Nemtsov believes, Russian president has lost strategically.

“He has given Russia to China, entirely and without remainder. It is a destructive and unnatural choice. Europeans are going to part with Gazprom and oil dependence on Putin, not at once but gradually. And China will be left. In May Putin is most likely to sign a ruinous agreement on gas deliveries to China. The price will be less than 300$. Chinese know how to twist arms, especially when they know there is no alternative to them. Gas pipeline from Yakutia and Irkutsk region to China – “Siberia’s Power”, will cost 50 billion dollars, like another Olympic Games. Chinese are to pay partially in exchange to reduced costs. But mostly it would be paid by us, due to increased tariffs. Rise in tariffs means increased prices for everything, for utility expenses, food and petrol. We are to pay in full for our friendship with China.

Besides, arms race is inevitable. Enemies are everywhere! Even our friends Chinese are trying to tear away Siberia and Far East. Russian economy is 12 times as little as European and American ones, and 4 times as Chinese. Will we cope with that? Or will we break? How will we finance the army and military industrial sector? That’s right. By decreasing our health, education and pensions’ expenses. Due to our children and the elderly. Nd also thanks to cheap labour resources from Central Asia. Isn’t it cool? But Crimea is ours! This is it!”

We remind that Ukraine and most countries of the wolrd have not recognized Russia's occupation of Crimean peninsula.