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Lukashenka booed at Minsk Arena

Lukashenka booed at Minsk Arena

Fans showed a stormy reaction to a lie of the Belarusian dictator.

Charter97.org has learnt it from a reader.

“The incident happened at the opening of the Ice Hockey World Championship in Minsk, when Lukashenka was speaking about the preparations for the event. The live broadcast was interrupted by silence. It became clear after a few seconds that the stands didn't like Lukashenka's words, so TV people tried to improve the situation and remove the background sound,” he noted.

The reader says all TV viewers noticed that “something was wrong”, because the sound disappeared completely for a few minutes during the live broadcast.

“So, viewers couldn't hear the reaction of the audience at Minsk Arena and the ruler's speech. The fans didn't like Lukashenka's remark, in which he mentioned 'certain forces that did their best to hinder the holding of the championship in Belarus',” he added.

About 30 opposition activists were jailed in the last two weeks. Human rights defenders explain the arrests by the Ice Hockey World Championship in Minsk.

Photo: BelTA

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