22 January 2018, Monday, 11:04

Vital Rymasheuski: Poroshenko knows very well what dictatorship is


The new president of Ukraine is to render support to the Belarusian opposition.

Such an opinion has been expressed by the co-chairman of the organizing committee for creation of the Belarusian Christian Democracy Party (BCD) Vital Rymasheuski.

- Petro Poroshenko has a commanding lead in the election. What is your estimation of this choice of the Ukrainian nation?

- First of all, it is very good that the president has been elected in the first round. Secondly, I believe that it is the best choice the Ukrainians could make in the present conditions. The figure of Petro Poroshenko has been able to unite the East and the West of Ukraine, and now the matter depends on him. I think he has every opportunity to pursue the policy in the best interests of the Ukrainian nation.

- To your mind, how the Ukrainian-Belarusian relations will develop now?

- The cooperation with Belarus is to continue undoubtedly, as it is a northern neighbour of Ukraine and one of its key trade partners. But it should be underlined that Poroshenko was connected with Maidan and the Ukrainian opposition, and he knows perfectly well what a dictatorship is. So I hope that this time the Ukrainian authorities are going to learn the previous lessons and the Belarusian democratic forces would have a new partner.

- Why do you have such a certitude, it is know that the new Ukrainian president knows the Belarusian dictator personally, and he also was in the government of Viktor Yuschenko, who failed to help the democratic forces of Belarus?

- It is so as a few weeks ago representatives of the Committee of Solidarity with Ukraine headed by Stanislau Shushkevich had a meeting with many prominent politicians in Kyiv, including representatives of Poroshenko campaign, and they stated their full understanding of the situation in Belarus and their desire to support democratic events in our country.

We remind that the presidential candidate, a non-affiliated deputy Petro Poroshenko, won 54% of votes, after the Central Election Commission processed 80% of protocols.