18 January 2018, Thursday, 10:57

Electronic border-crossing booking system in late 2014


The pilot electronic border-crossing queue booking system will go operational at the checkpoint Kozlovichi (the Belarusian-Polish border) in late 2014.

Chairman of the State Border Committee of Belarus Leonid Maltsev told it a press conference on 27 May.

Today one of the priority goals of the border committee is to secure comfortable border crossing and avoid automobile queues at checkpoints. Truck lines first of all mean economic losses in transit. It is also a big disadvantage for people. One of the ways out suggested by the State Border Committee is in the development of the electronic queue booking system. “The traffic capacity at every border checkpoint mainly depends on equipment, the number of lanes and other things. With the introduction of the booking system we will be able to facilitate the situation with queues,” Leonid Maltsev said.

The system is simple. Vehicles that intend to cross the border will do it through the service area. They register there and get an e-card which they present at the checkpoint. Time and date of crossing the border can be booked online or at the border terminal. It is expected that the driver will spend 10 to 20 minutes to cross the border.

The project is of social importance as well. Drivers, especially of heavy trucks, suffer from long queues, cannot rest and eat properly. “The service area of border checkpoints will provide drivers will all necessary conditions. They will have hotels, cafes, maintenance services, filling stations, etc.” Leonid Maltsev said.

The novelty will benefit the economic side of the issue. “With the electronic booking system haulers will count on the time they choose for border crossing. They will not lose time in the line. It is a direct economic gain,” the Chairman of the State Border Committee said.

The Kozlovichi border checkpoint has all necessary infrastructure. The checkpoint will be used to test the system. The electronic booking system will be next introduced at the Kamenny Log checkpoint at the Belarusian-Lithuanian border. These are the country’s main transport and cargo through-passages. The current working moments are being addressed by the State Border Committee jointly with Beltamozhservice Company. They will take every effort for the system to go fully operational in 2015. There have been selected 25 border checkpoints that can and should be equipped with the electronic booking system. Some of them still need the associated infrastructure.

According to Leonid Maltsev, ahead of taking up a decision to introduce the system, the State Border Committee has studied thoroughly the experience of other countries. “We have studied all pros and cons and the ways to adapt it to our conditions. Now we are embarking on the development of the necessary legal framework,” he said.

“The equipment of the state border, the introduction of modern methods for its protection are a necessity. Border checkpoints will be upgraded in order to enhance comfort and throughout capacity. Our goal is to make the state border comfortable for crossing by both the citizens of Belarus and everyone who comes here for a visit, vacations and so on. On the other hand, we should secure the country’s safety and prevent illegal border crossing, including drugs trafficking and smuggling. The main task is to secure proper protection of the border and improve the comfort for people crossing the border,” Leonid Maltsev said.

Photo: bymedia.net