23 January 2018, Tuesday, 20:45

Mahilou authorities don’t allow picketing city executive committee


A single mother Iryna Iljinskaja, who is being evicted from a hall a residence, wanted to picket the Mahilou city executive committee.

By picketing in the city center Iryna Iljinskaja wanted to attract attention of Mahilou officials and city residents to the fact that she is being evicted from a hall of residence together with two under-age children. The woman planned on arranging the picket on 1 June on the International Child Protection Day.

The reason for the rejection was the fact that the woman picked a place, not intended for picketing by local authrotieis, the human rights center Viasna reports.

“I do not know, how else to protect my right to live in the residence hall, - says Iryna Iljinskaja. – Other ways have almost all been used. I am on maternity leave, and together with two children they want to throw me out in the street without providing any other accommodation. I tried to get a job, but all the potential employers do not provide a room in the residence hall. I do not know where to live in case I get evicted”.

We would remind that Iryna Iljinskaja has lived at the residence hall of the building trust number 12 for 14 years. She had treaty of unlimited duration for taking residence under the motion of a third party. A year ago the trust’s administration tricked her into signing a year-long agreement, after the expiration of which they started the eviction procedure.

Iljinskaja tried to defend her right to live there with children in court, however the judge of the Lenin district court Julija Trapynina took the side of the trust’s administration. Mahilou region court revoked the decision of the district court due to multiple violations and sent the case for reconsideration. However, there is little hope that the woman and the children will keep living in the residence hall – the new edition of the Housing Code allows for eviction of everyone not working for the organization, to which the residence hall in question belongs, including single mothers.