16 January 2018, Tuesday, 16:43

Employees of public utilities companies to face mass layoffs


Almost 600 people are expected to be laid off.

As many as 563 employees will be laid off and 287 will be transferred to other positions, Minsk Novosti news agency reports.

These measures were considered by the Minsk city executive committee at a meeting to discuss the efficiency of the public utilities companies in Minsk. The Minsk authorities decided to remove some jobs, reorganise departments of housing repair maintenance companies and restructure housing maintenance services and housing maintenance directorates.

Dzmitry Yanchyk, the head of the department for municipal economy and energy, said at the meeting that the Minsk utilities companies had 1,599 people of administrative staff (13.7% of the total number of employees) on January 1, 2014. He notes the share of the administrative personnel should be reduced to 10% of the total number of employees.

For example, the job “computer operator” will be removed. Today, the Minsk utilities companies have 236 computer operators. Deputy chief engineers (10 people in Minsk) will also be laid off.

The housing repair and maintenance companies plan to merge legal and personnel departments. As a result 5 chiefs of the department will be laid off.

Another change refers to the reorganising of capital repair departments and reducing the number of employees to 6 persons: the head of the department, the deputy head and four engineers. As a result, 55 persons will be laid off. The staff size of customer services and other departments will be normalised. The Minsk customer services will have 150 staff position after the reform.

Housing maintenance services and housing maintenance directorates of Minsk will also see changes. They will be deprived of the rights of a legal person. The position of a deputy director for landscaping will be removed, but a new position of a chief master – will appear. Functions of chief accountants, deputy chief accountants and economists at housing maintenance services and directorates will be transferred to housing repair and maintenance companies of the relative city districts.

The positions of legal advisers and personnel inspectors will be closed in housing maintenance services and directorates, 71 employees will be given jobs in the housing repair and maitenance companies and 50 people will be laid off.

Yanchyk noted that 563 people would be laid off and 287 people would be transferred to other positions that would allow to save 43.7 billion rubles a year.