17 January 2018, Wednesday, 11:59

Corrupt official Barouski to become MTW’s CEO?


New CEO of the Minsk Tractor Works plant may become Aliaksandr Barouski.

The charter97.org web-site learnt the information from an employee at the enterprise.

“Rumor has it at the Minsk Tractor Works plant that the new director general will be appointed. Shocking was the information that it would be Aliaksandr Barouski, - the reader pointed out.

At the enterprise they did not confirm this information to the charter97.org reporter, but did not disprove either, having said that they would know themselves at the very last moment.

“We do not know anything, because the issue is being solved at the level of the Ministry of Industry. You know, we are dependent people, we learn of the actual appointment, when the order comes from the ministry”, - they said at MTW’s front desk.

It should be noted that a notorious corruption scandal is associated with Aliaksandr Barouski. As he was the chairman of the Belneftekhim concern, on 30 May 2007 he got arrested by KGB for embezzlement and power abuse. On 27 March 2008 Barouski got sentenced to 5 years in prison and deprived of the right to take management positions in state organizations and enterprises.

In December 2008 he was pardoned by Lukashenka and released. In a year Barouski was appointed the CEO and the Minsk Automobile Plant - the position which he occupied until late 2012.