24 January 2018, Wednesday, 1:05

Poroshenko plans to regain control on Ukrainian-Russian border within a week


Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has announced the authorities' intention to regain control of the Ukrainian-Russian border this week.

"We are going to take decisive action to renew security on our national border this week. I hope we will fully succeed in doing so," Poroshenko told a National Security and Defense Council meeting on Monday.

He said that the situation on the border is the only obstacle to a ceasefire in the east of Ukraine.

"As soon as the border is closed, we could immediately proclaim a fire cease. It is irresponsible to announce a fire cease with an open border, given the situation in Donetsk and Luhansk," the president said.

He said that today the level of combat capacity and decisiveness of the Armed Forces, border guards and the National Guard give reasons for optimism about the settlement of this issue.

In addition, Poroshenko said that the NSDC will cover the issue on regaining control over the Ukrainian border at its meeting, adding that during the last week positive changes occurred in this situation.

"Over the last week decisive changes in the situation on this area [border with Russia] have been achieved. Checkpoints have been set up along over 250 kilometers of the border," the president said.