23 January 2018, Tuesday, 22:34

Dmitry Tymchuk: Ukrainian Ambassador in Minsk should be dismissed


The former Defense Minister of Ukraine Mykhailo Yezhel must quit government service.

It has been stated by the head of Military and Political Studies Centre Dmitry Tymchuk, UNIAN writes.

The expert believes that at the moment military counterintelligence and other special services should painstakingly analyze appointments of personnel in defense and law enforcement agencies during the presidency of Viktor Yanukovych in order to find traitors.

“On the part of military counterintelligence and other special services there should be painstaking attention to those appointees, who have come to the Defense Ministry and the General Staff of the Defense Ministry in the period in office of Defence Ministers Yezhel, Salamatin and Lebedyev. First of all, attention should be paid to the people who work in key positions, and especially in the Operations Division of the General Staff. It is the brain of the army, and this division prepares plans of the war,” Tymchuk said.

He stated that Ambassador of Ukraine to Belarus, a former Defence Minister Mykhailo Yezhel should be dismissed from governmental service as a person who had been appointed in the period of Yanukovych.

“I have a question: what is Yezhel still doing in the position of Ambassador to Belarus? He is a person who had been taking part in destroying the army. One of the three ministers of defence of Yanukovych’s era still continues to stay in the government's employ, and moreover, in a rather serious area, as we had no guarantees of Belarus not becoming a foothold for Russia’s assault. And secondly, there was a scandal in March, when Yezhel said that Ukraine would give its territory for deploying the ABM defence. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs refuted this information, but no practical conclusions have been made,” Tymchuk said.

Photo: ukranews.com