20 January 2018, Saturday, 23:56

Alesin: Russian planes can deliver nuclear strike even at London from Belarus


Russian aviation in Babruisk and Barabavichy poses a threat to entire Europe.

Military observer Aliaksandr Alesin said it to charter97.org commenting on possible stationing of Tu-160 Russian strategic bombers in Belarus.

– To what extent is it possible that these planes will be sent here?

– If we take only military arguments, it is not reasonable. Tu-160 is an intercontinental strategic bomber. Its range, to put it mildly, is 10,000 kilometres, but it can fly around the world with several in-flight refuellings. So, it doesn't matter where they are stationed. Taking into account that the plane's speed is more than 2,000 kilometres per hour, Belarus with a perimeter of 650 by 550 kilometres is the least comfortable place for it. Besides, Russia's unfriendly countries lie to the west, to the north and, to all appearances, to the south of the country. The plane has no place to fly except for the east. It even cannot perform normal practice flights.

– Do you mean it is more convenient for the planes to perform combat tasks from Russia?

– Yes. They are stationed on the Volga River, near the town of Engels. There's a long-range aviation base known from the Soviet times. If they arrive here in Belarus and probably take part in the parade, it will be a propagandist step to demonstrate Russia's readiness for decisive actions.

– Sending such planes that consume a lot of fuel only for the participation in the parade is not cheap, is it?

– The matter is that nobody counts money during the war. I think Russia can afford it to back its oral threats in case of opening NATO bases in the Baltic States, Poland and Ukraine. From the military point of view, it is enough to station Tu-22MZ long-range planes in Belarus which were designed for the European theatre of war. Russia also has new perfect Su-34 fighter bombers that have excellent electronics and can carry various weapons. From the military point of view, it would be more reasonable to station these aircraft here. In my opinion, Su-34 planes are an excellent tool to threaten Polish aerodromes, potential air defence systems in Poland and so on. Anyway, I think even the regiment of Su-27SMZ equipped with 300 km range missiles, which will be stationed here, will be more than enough to perform the tasks of containment and deterrence. Moreover, they also can carry tactical nuclear weapons. They can fly about 1,500 kilometres without refuelling that is enough to threaten Berlin and even London.