20 January 2018, Saturday, 18:31

Most physicians leave Minsk polyclinic No. 34


18 vacancies were posted on the website of the polyclinic.

Eight physicians are absent due to holidays or training courses.

Facebook users write about problems at the polyclinic. “Most physicians quit polyclinic No. 34 in Minsk. New ones have not been hired,” Minsk resident Arina Liseckaya writes.

A journalist of charter97.org contacted the polyclinic to get details, but the chief physician was out of office and the deputy chief physician declined to comment.

Judging by the information on the official website of the polyclinic, it really needs physicians. The medical facility needs 18 people, including therapists and nurses. It's interesting that the vacancy of a chief economic is marked as “urgently”.

Eight physicians don't work due to holidays or training courses.

Facebook users share their experience in filing complaints to the polyclinic: “[Complaints] do not help. I filed them. It was in the 34th polyclinic,” Veranika Hryshkova wrote. “There's no sense in appealing to the chief physician. He cannot do anything to fill the vacancies. You can write to the Ministry of Health that the polyclinic has no physicians. It can send graduates from the medical university,” Volha Paliashchuk advises. Vadzim Kanapatski proposes writing a collective letter to the Ministry of Health and “publish in the media something like 'Residents … demand the Ministry of Health to solve the staffing problem at the polyclinic.' The more signatures of angry people and publications in the media we have, the more chances that the ministry will try to solve the situation,” he wrote.