18 January 2018, Thursday, 22:54

ASF outbreak in Shchuchyn?


Residents of the village of Dembrova in the Shchuchyn district are raising the alarm.

The local authorities demand to slaughter all domestic pigs suspecting an outbreak of African swine fever, Belsat TV reports.

Villagers told Vecherni Grodno newspaper that a man had slaughtered a pig. He found the meat suspicious: there was no blood and the meat looked like jelly. He sent the meat for tests on June 23. According to the locals, the suspicions of African swine fever were confirmed.

People say that the local authorities warned them: all those raising pigs should slaughter them by Tuesday night otherwise the animals will be killed and buried by the authorities. People had to give written promises that they would not bring meat outside the village. Dembrova residents said later all roads from the village were blocked by the police at around 17:00 on Tuesday.

As a journalist learnt from a representative of the agricultural production company Dembrova, it had really happened. The representative also advised to contact a veterinarian. Veterinarian Siarhei Shershan neither confirmed nor denied the ASF outbreak. He only said people were offered “to reduce the number of pigs voluntary”.

According to the veterinarian, the reason was the mushroom and wild berries season. Local residents can bring an infection from a forest. He declined to give more comments.