18 January 2018, Thursday, 4:49

Short-term rentals to be prohibited in Minsk


Tourists are supposed to stay at hotels.

The Minsk office of the Tax Ministry discusses the issue on prohibiting short-term rentals in the Belarusian capital, BelTA cites Uladzimir Laikou, the head of the Tax Ministry's Minsk office, as saying at a meeting in the Minsk city executive committee.

“Renting out apartments for short-term stays is an outdated practice, taking into account the number of hotels in the city. Besides, every apartment for rent creates many problems relating to public order. In this connection, the ministry's office will propose to stop such business as renting out property for short-term stays in Minsk,” Uladzimir Laikou said.

Mikalai Ladutska, the chairman of the Minsk city executive committee, gave instructions to the housing policy department and the main housing department to examine the issue and submit proposals to the Ministry of Housing and Utilities within a month. He ordered to consider the experience of Moscow, where serviced apartments were removed from the category of permanent housing to the category of places of temporary stay, which led to changes in their functions.

As many as 700 owners renting out flats for short-term stays are registered in Minsk.

In January—May 2014, the tax office found 35 people who provided short-term accommodation and did not pay the tax. Br44 million was paid to the state budget as fines and penalties.