21 January 2018, Sunday, 19:49

Babrujsk officials “unfriended” Ukraine


Whose tastes valiant Babrujsk ideology workers are trying to cater?

Tomorrow the International Festival of Folk Arts “Wreath of Friendship” starts in Babrusjk. Dwellers of the city and its guests are reminded about that by numerous billboards and posters in the streets, a blogger Dzmitry Rastaeu writes.

This festival is held in the city on the River Berezina every year. Among other countries, representatives of Belarus, Ukraine and Russia are taking part in it traditionally. Never before had participants of any country met more despising attitude than others. But this year nothing is the same.

On the billboards and posters, which have taken over the streets of Babrujsk, one can see all flags of participating countries except one – the Ukrainian flag.

Nevertheless Ukrainian participants – like a folk ensemble “Kalina” from Kyiv – are on the program of the festival which could be found on the website of Babrujsk city executive committee. In the list of participants however, for some mysterious reason Ukraine stands in the end of the list, after Montenegro and Sweden, which is not in alphabetic order at all.

Thus, due to efforts of Babrujsk officials, the holiday which aim is to unite nations, divides nations even before it started.

Whose tastes valiant Babrujsk ideology workers are trying to cater? Or are they trying to spare the feelings of Russians, who are so delicate, that they may faint or have a stroke at the sight of a Ukrainian flag?