21 January 2018, Sunday, 23:19

Tomorrow court to decide on prolonging Zmitser Dashkevich’s preventive supervision


The court of Pershamajski district of Minsk is to consider whether preventive supervision over the co-chairman of the Young Front Zmitser Dashkevich is to be prolonged.

The former political prisoner has been informed about that by a police inspector of Pershamajski district of Minsk.

“Tomorrow the court is to decide on preventive supervision, and the inspector told that documents for its termination have been prepared,” Dashkevich said to charter97.org.

The term of the preventive supervision expired on May 27 at midnight, but on May 29 policemen visited the activist.

“Policemen came to me, and I was still at work then. They told that they have information that the term of supervision was to be extended. It is hard to say what is going on there and why everything changes so quickly. Maybe first they were told to extend the term of supervision, and then they decided that it would be better to get rid of such a “wild” person,” he jokes.

Zmitser Dashkevich was released on August 28, 2013, after almost three years in prison No. 1 in Hrodna. He was arrested on December 18, 2010, a day before the presidential election. He was sentenced for “malicious hooliganism” and then for “persistent failure to obey the prison rules”. He was placed under preventive supervision for 6 months, and then this term was extended for 3 more months.

Over this period Dashkevich was obliged to stay at home from 8 p.m. till 6 a.m. Any time he could be checked at home.

We remind that the politician has spent 25 days in Akrestsin Street prison recently. He was one of the activists who were thrown behind the bars for the duration of the Ice Hockey World Championship in Minsk.