19 January 2018, Friday, 22:26

Entrepreneurs on strike in Viciebsk


Individual entrepreneurs in Viciebsk are striking against the ruler’s decree imposing a ban on trading without certificates from 1 July.

The charter97.org web-site got the information from the chairwoman of the organizational committee for creation of a trade union of individual entrepreneurs “Together” Iryna Jaskievich.

“People have shut down their outlets, because we are in a deadlock – we cannot work starting from 1 July. As of today all marketplaces in Viciebsk apart from the new one have supported the action in one way or another. The Smolensk marketplace, for example, has supported us fully – by 90-95%, only foodstuff outlets operate there”, - she pointed out.

We would remind that on 16 May Lukashenka signed the scandalous decree number 222, imposing a ban on trading without certificates and accompanying documents on goods. According to many entrepreneurs, starting from July they will have to shut down, because it is impossible for them to operate under the new conditions, while 80 thousand entrepreneurs will be left jobless.

Photo: svaboda.org