22 January 2018, Monday, 4:53

Belarusian TV regards Belarusian as foreign language


Belarusian comments of experts were dubbed in Russian in a film about the sash of Vitaut (Vytautas).

Journalist Viktar Korbut told Kultura newspaper about the incident.

“A documentary about the sash of Vitaut was aired on TV. It was shot in Russian by Belvideocentre on the order of the Belarusian Ministry of Culture. Well-known Adam Maldzis gave his comment about the sash in Belarusian. I turned aside for a moment and heard someone else's voice, not the voice of Maldzis, though he was on the screen. His original comment in the Belarusian language was dubbed in Russian! That's not the end. Iryna Kalabova, my university teacher and the sister of numismatist Valiantsin Rabtsevich, was speaking in Belarusian, but she was dubbed, too. Belarus 3 TV, the Ministry of Culture and Belvideocentre, can you explain what's the point of translating Belarusian into Russian on the Belarusian television channel?” the journalist asks.