23 January 2018, Tuesday, 15:01

Institute of Arts rector took bribes in TV sets


The Investigations Committee has detected one more incident of taking a bribe by the rector of the Institute of Arts of Belarus.

According to the criminal case files, in May 2014 this person received a bribe in the form of an LG TV-set, which costs about Br 4 mln, for giving an opportunity to use the premises of the Institute to the benefit of the bribe-giver, an official representative of the Investigations Committee Yuliya Hancharova informed on Facebook.

It was found that the intention of the suspect had been aimed at receiving material assets exclusively for himself due to the official position occupied by him.

We remind that earlier there have been reports that the rector of the Institute received a bribe of $2000 for a favourable decision in the issues within his scope. The actions of the official were determined as a crime under Article 430 Part 1 of the Criminal Code of Belarus, and investigators are dealing with the case.

The state institution of education “the Institute of Culture of Belarus” was created in 2010. It is an institution of additional education for adults, which provides facilities for advanced training and personnel development in the sphere of culture. It is a legal successor of the institution called the Belarusian State Institute of Problems of Culture Sector, which was opened in 1991.