17 January 2018, Wednesday, 8:05

Book by political prisoner Ihar Alijenievich came out in five languages


This spring foreign readers got their hands on the book by Belarusian political prisoner Ihar Alijenievich “On the way to Magadan”.

Already today on the shelves in bookstores in Czech Republic, Spain, France, England and Germany a copy of the book in these countries’ languages can be found. The version of the book in Polish is scheduled for publishing in autumn, the web-site of the anarchist movement reports.

Despite the events, described in the book took place over 3 years ago, foreign editions are of demand, first of all, because the book tells about the Belarusian reality, namely the tortures in Belarusian prisons, which many foreigners do not know of.

Earlier the book was issued in the Russian language and translated into Belarusian, Bosnian and other languages.