24 January 2018, Wednesday, 0:58

Former Belneftekhim head charged with abuse of power


The criminal case was initiated by the Office of Prosecutor General of Belarus.

The case against the former chairman of Belneftekhim concern Igor Zhilin was opened on charges relating Article 424 of the Criminal Code (abuse of power or authority), BelaPAN informs.

The official remains in custody.

There is no official information on this case.

We remind that Igor Zhilin, Belneftekhim chairman, was released from his position by the decree of the government #631 dated by June 30, 2014 “On Dismissal and appointment of some officials”. Out of the 5 persons released from positions, only the reason of Zhilin’s dismissal was not indicated in the decree.

The source of charter97.org insists that the head of Belnefrekhim concern was arrested on July 1 in the evening. There has been no official confirmation or contradiction of this news for 9 days. On July 2 Zhilin was arrested and placed to a remand prison, charter97.org was told by the source.

Igor Zhilin was born in Ordzhonokidze (Vladikavkaz now). In January he turned 73. He was appointed to the position of the head of the concern on February 4, 2011. Earlier he headed Grodno Azot joint-stock company (since Auguast 11, 2009). In 1990-1993 he was a deputy of the Supreme Soviet of Russian Federation, deputy chairman of the Committee of the Supreme Soviet on Issues of Economic Reform and Property. Since 2003 he worked as a technical adviser of “SredneAzGaz” (Moscow), since 2006 he was the first deputy of the CEO of AO “Energy Invest” (Rustavi, Georgia).