17 January 2018, Wednesday, 10:04

“Anti-terrorism” articles to be added to Belarus’ criminal code

In the beginning of 2015 new articles are to be added to the Criminal Code of Belarus.

They include Article 2090 – 2 “Aid to Terrorist Activities”, BelTA informs. In particular, “recruitment or other involving” of a person in terrorist activities, as well as training or other way of preparing a person for participation in such activities will be punished by up to 12 years of deprivation of liberty with confiscation of property. In case such actions are committed with abuse of power, the punishment is to be up to 15 years with confiscation of property. The person could be freed from liability if timely informs state bodies about the crime under this article, or in other way contribute to prevention or termination of such a crime.

Besides, the new article 209-3 is gives provisions for criminal responsibility for being trained or receiving other preparation for participation in terrorist activities, up to 10 years with confiscation of property. This article also provides for freeing from liability in the same way as in the Article 290-2.

Besides, the new Articles 290-4 “Creation of an organisation for carrying activities or participation in them” and 290-5 “Organising activities of a terrorist organisation and participation in activities of such an organisation” are added to the Criminal Code. In addition, Article 235 is amended: “Legalisation of money received in a criminal way (money laundering)”, Article 290-1 “Financing of terrorist activities”, Article 292 “Seizure of buildings installations” and others. The Code of Administrative Procedure is corrected as well. They are to come into force in early 2015 as well.

As it was informed before, the law is to among other things is to hinder financing of terrorist activities. That is, it brings the legislation in line with the standards of the FATF (Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering) – the intergovernmental organisation combatting money laundering. The law will allow Belarusian banks to suspend, deny service or terminate relations in carrying out financial operations with shadowy clients. For instance, banks are to get a right to put off the deal for 2 days, while an individual or an economic entity is checked. If it is a legal deal, the financial operation is to be continued in a usual mode. The right to terminate relations with clients in question is to be given to all banks (state and private) and non-bank organisations which carry out financial operations both with corporate entities and individual persons.