23 January 2018, Tuesday, 15:09

Tax authorities find 5,000 Belarusians living “beyond their means”


The tax authorities found almost 5,000 Belarusians living “beyond their means” last year.

“About 5,000 people living beyond their means were put on the list last year. They had to pay a total of 10 billion rubles of taxes and penalties,” the newspaper SB. Belarus Segonya learnt from Sviatlana Shauchenka, a deputy head of the main department of taxes for individuals at the Ministry of Taxes and Duties.

She also said 1,300 such people were found during 5 months of 2014. They had to pay 5.5 billion rubles of income tax and fines.

According to Shauchenka, a large share of people living beyond their means is pensioners and the unemployed. She gave an example that an unemployed woman bought $75,000 in banks for two years. “She didn't explain where she got Belarusian rubles from, so, she had to pay 22 million rubles,” Shauchenka says.

“Some pensioners manage to buy tens of thousands of dollars a year, though they don't have any official sources of income except for pensions. A wealthy pensioner, who bought $45,000 during the year, has to pay the state Br38 million of income tax. Tax authorities and law-enforcement bodies still try to figure out how another pensioner bought about $5 million from 2012 to 2013,” the specialist said. If the pensioner fail to confirm his incomes, he will have to pay 12% of income tax and penalties.

The Ministry of Taxes and Duties initiated amendments to the Tax Code that give the tax authorities the right to receive information about purchasing foreign currency by individuals in Belarusian banks. The measure was taken to find people living beyond their means.