20 January 2018, Saturday, 21:55

Photo-fact: Shocking evidence of police brutality in Svetlahorsk


Police officers beat a detained man to death.

Until now, Viasna human rights centre has not published photographs obtained from the mother of Aliaksandr Akulich, who died at a temporary detention facility in Svetlahorsk. A court made a final decision not to open a criminal case over his death, saying that numerous traces of beating on the man's body “were not a cause of death”.

Valiantsina Akulich received this answer from Siarhei Shautsou, the chairman of the Homel regional court. He dismissed the supervisory appeal prepared by human rights defenders.

Neither the court nor investigators turn attention to the real cause of death.

They were asked why policemen R. Stseshankou and A. Bachko, who had been on duty at the detention facility, were not punished for their actions. Instead of calling a doctor for the detained man, who had a temporary mental disorder, they were “calming” him with batons for 30 minutes and called an ambulance only when he stopped breathing.

These photographs were taken by Valiantsina Akulich at home, after she had received her son's body from the morgue.

“The legality of actions by the police officers was established by the results of numerous conclusions of internal checks,”/<> regional judge Shautsou wrote in the answer to the man's mother.

Aliaksadnr Akulich died on May 26, 2012 at the temporary detention facility in Svetlahorsk after being beaten by police officers. It was the fourth day of his five-day term in the detention facility. Forensic experts say the death was caused by chronic alcohol intoxication aggravated with alcohol withdrawal, delirium and cerebral œdema. The actions by the police officers were not assessed from the point of view of providing timely medical aid.