17 January 2018, Wednesday, 8:00

Mikalai Autukhovich: It’s foolishness to participate in “election” in Belarus


Such a statement has been made by Mikalai Autukhovich, a political prisoner, in an interview to “Salidarnasts”.

“It was possible to follow the changes in the country from the prison, with the help of the press, even the false information conveyed by NTV and BT channels. As soon as an election is coming, slogans are heard from the TV set, and anti-corruption struggle is stepped up.

Earlier people in the regions were waiting for changes, they hoped people are to take to the streets, and a protest rally would turn into a serious standoff, and it would bring its fruit. Everyone was waiting for a Belarusian Maidan. As time goes by, there is less hope that the Square could change anything. I am convinced that resistance should grow within people, it could not be bought by grant money. Many acquaintances of mine understand that a little group of people will change the regime.

Today I am offered to become a politician. I am told that with my mettle, moral values and character I should become a politician. I do not know many people who are ready to sacrifice their lives for justice, for the nation, for their country. And it is an insanity to rush into a battle against a robust machinery of government alone, rattling a sabre.

When I hear that we should take part in the election, choose a single candidate, unite, I think it is a foolery, as there is no election. And everyone realizes that. When people say that they would take part in the election campaign, in order to inform population about their position – it is such an absurdity! No one prevents you from getting your message across in the period between elections. But what are you doing? You try to prove you are worth your grants, you eat grants away, make renovations in your offices, don’t you? Get your message across to the people, but do not participate in the election. As soon as you make a move, you recognize that there was an election. By your participation in the election you make this farce legitimate,” he said.