22 January 2018, Monday, 5:03

Memorial to Chavez to be installed in Minsk


A memorial to Hugo Chavez will appear in Minsk.

The works are carried out in Kazimirauskaya Street, a Minsk-Novosti journalist learnt from Dzmitry Rusin, the chief engineer at Spetsparkstroi company.

The memorial will consist of a two-level circle with three paths leading to the centre. The central path, the widest one, can be used for ceremonies. The upper level will be framed with flower beds and curved steps with a wheelchair ramp.

A granite stone with a commemorative plaque will be installed in the centre. Flags of Venezuela and Belarus will be raised on two flagpoles.

The memorial will be decorated with flowers, thujas and berberis bushes.

The memorial is expected to be opened in September.