16 January 2018, Tuesday, 14:28

“Tell the Truth” launched campaign “Let’s Support War Children”


As informed by the press-service of “Tell the Truth” campaign, 950,000 “children of war” (persons born in time of war) aged 70+ live in Belarus.

They do not come within the purview of Lukashenka’s decree on one-time relief payments timed to the 70th anniversary of Belarus’ liberation from the Nazi invaders, as “their legal status was not established by the law “On Veterans” adopted back in 1992.”

Uladzimir Nyaklyaeu, the leader of the campaign, addresses “the chamber of representatives” and the Council of Ministers with a request “to restore justice” towards the generation of “children of war” finally, and to validate their legal status officially, “as it has been done in some republics of the former Soviet Union.”

“It is a difficult and thorny procedure certainly. However, the time has come to initiate it. These people have come through hardships of Hitler’s occupation, but also they restored the destroyed country by their self-sacrificing labour, they have made an enormous contribution to creation of the modern independent Belarus,” the address of “Tell the Truth” reads.

As BelaPAN informs, activists also propose to “think it over, what moral support could be rendered to “children of war” in the year of preparation to celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Victory.” In particular, it is proposed to create series of TV shows and articles in the mass media, to collect and publish memoirs of “children of war”, to take them under patronage of governmental bodies and public associations, to render one-time financial aid from local budgets.

Now activists of “Tell the Truth” are searching for “children of war”, who are left without support and need “common human sympathy, help in their everyday needs.”

The campaign has sent out letters with congratulations to “children of war”, who have been supporting “Tell the Truth” over the last 4 years. Besides, they plan to prepare a book of memoirs for the Victory Day.