21 January 2018, Sunday, 13:58

Putin threatens West and fears coup


A meeting of the Security Council with the participation of the Russian president has been held in Moscow.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin said Russia would adequately respond to attempts to weaken its positions in the international arena. According to him, such attempts are carried out with the help of secret services, “puppet NGOs” and other methods, Interfax reports.

About coups d’état

Moscow hears the language of sanctions and ultimatums more and more often, however Russia strongly believes that the problems should be solved through dialogue, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Tuesday.

“We hope that our legitimate national interests will be respected and the disputed issues that occur all the time, will be solved diplomatically, through negotiations and nobody will interfere in our affairs,” Putin said at the meeting of Russia’s Security Council devoted to the issues of the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

“However we hear the language of ultimatums and sanctions more often in the world today, and the definition of national sovereignty is being diffused, disfavored regimes, countries conducting independent politics, or those who get in the way of someone’s interests, are destabilized,” Putin stressed adding that the so-called color revolutions are used to achieve these ends, or “plainly speaking these are the coups d’état engineered and funded from outside.”

Putin also noted that the internal issues of disfavored regimes are normally used to destabilize such countries in different parts of the world. “Most often the bet is placed on radical, nationalistic, if not simply neo-fascist, fundamentalistic forces, as it happened in the post-Soviet states, as it is happening in Ukraine now.”

President Putin chaired a Security Council meeting on issues of the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity on Tuesday focusing on a complex of issues concerning the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

About the MH17 crash

Russian President Vladimir Putin believes it is necessary to call on Kiev to observe the ceasefire, which should last while investigations into the MH17 crash are ongoing.

Putin said that Ukrainian troops attacked self-defense units near Donetsk almost at the same time anti-government forces were handing over the black boxes from the MH17 crash to international experts.

“Tanks broke through to the railway station,” Putin said at the Russian Security Council session on Tuesday. “It was shelled. The international experts there could not even look out of the windows.”

The Russian president said Moscow will do everything it can to facilitate the crash investigation, including trying to influence the anti-government forces in eastern Ukraine.

“They call on us to exert pressure on the self-defense forces of the south-east [of Ukraine.] We’ll do everything that we are capable of,” Putin said.

“Russia will do all it can to ensure a full-scale, thorough and transparent investigation,” he added.

Putin believes the West must appeal to Kiev to honor its ceasefire pledge.

“We have to finally call on the Kiev authorities to comply with the common norms of decency and introduce a ceasefire, even if only for a short period of time, while the investigation goes on.”

About measures to protect the economy

Putin stressed that the Russian government must consider taking extra measures to protect the economy from external political risks.

"I think that we should think of additional steps to decrease the dependency of national economy and financial system on unfavorable external factors, not only the instability of global markets but also possible political risks," Putin said.