17 January 2018, Wednesday, 17:34

Ban on holidays in Ukraine for Belarusian officials?


Employees of Belarusian government bodies have been prohibited from going on holidays to the neighbouring country.

Journalist from Hrodna Andrei Mialeshka wrote it on Facebook.

“Belarusian officials have been banned today to go to Ukraine on holidays. A rather strange order. Now my relatives have to go [to Ukraine] via Russia,” he wrote.

Our website journalist contacted several state agencies for details. A source of charter97.org in the State Customs Committee said he “didn't hear anything like that”. But the Hrodna city executive committee refused to answer the question if the committee employees could go on holiday to Ukraine.

“A good question... You know, I cannot answer it because... Well, it's an interesting question,” the committee's representative said.

A representative of the ideological department of the Hrodna regional executive committee answered: “We have no idea about it.”

The website reported earlier about restrictions on foreign trips for customs officers.