20 January 2018, Saturday, 4:05

Russian flag on facade of shopping mall in Brest


A Russian flag was hung out on the facade of the shopping centre “Belarusian Clothes”.

The mall consisting of 300 shops is located at 129 Chyrvonahvardzeiskaya Street in Brest, charter97.org has learnt from a reader.

“Flags, ribbons... A rather big Russian flag can be seen on the facade of the shopping centre “Belarusian Clothes” in Brest,” he writes.

Residents of Babruisk, Hrodna, Vitebsk, Homel, Orsha, Polatsk and Baranavichy reported that some people handed out and sold Russian flags. The campaign to distribute Russian symbols was organised by pro-Russian organisations working in Belarus. Earlier, a resident of Brest became a witness of aggression from distributors.

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