17 January 2018, Wednesday, 20:42

Dwellers of Smilavichy complain about lack of water


After a water tower collapsed in Smilavichy, part of the settlement dwellers was left without water for a month.

Charter97.org editorial office has been informed about that by our visitor. He notes that the most affected area is the outskirts of Smilavichy, Minsk region, which borders on the village of Zhuraukavichy. As said by him, there is no water in their houses all day long, just a little water appears in the taps at night.

“Can you imagine what dwellers feel when they need to go to a lavatory?” the reader is resentful, describing the life of the settlement dwellers. “And what about cooking, doing dishes, laundry, bathing children? It is getting worse and worse every day. It’s not a stability, it’s collapse. Our complaints to the housing authorities and the council of the settlement are a waste of time and one’s nerves. Housing and utility sector is not really professional: they raise prices for services which do not exist, they scoop up money and do not to give a damn. Officials, appointed from above of the local and regional level maintain the same position.

Once again we publicly address the chairman of Cherven district executive committee Ivan Mukha and co-chairman of Smilavichy settlement council Iryna Martinovich. Dear citizens, attend to your duties! Stop driving around in your luxury cars as if you have nothing to do! Work for your huge salary, it is paid by our taxes. Enough of mockery! Renew water supply in Smilavichy. If you cannot organize it, quit your positions, as you do not deserve them, and work in other places which are within your depth.”

The editorial office of charter97.org addressed the settlement council of Smilavichy in an attempt to look into the situation.

“At the moment there is no water in Gorky Street, but it is a planned cut off, it is to be renewed in the evening. And it is not true that there have been no water for a month. The district has been connected to another water tower, and they have water. It is possible that water was absent for a few days. They have hot water only in cold season, but cold water is present always! By the way, people usually come to us immediately to complain, and now no complaints were received,” says a representative of the settlement council of Smilavichy.